About us

Our mission

For purely social, charitable, artistic, philanthropic purposes and without monetary intentions for its members.

  • Provide assistance and support to those who are disadvantaged physically and/or socially and/or psychologically and/or financially.
  • Administrate volunteers to deliver, give and disseminate any kind of service support and charity in the region of Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville, Noyan and the tip of Henryville.
  • Promote volunteerism.
  • Encourage the recruitment, training and orientation volunteers.


Principles and values of the Organization

In general: honesty, availability, discretion, listening, patience, good humor.

  • Prioritize the needs of the client.
  • Each client has the right to receive adequate human and social services.
  • Everyone has the right to respect, without judgment of value in its place.
  • You must demonstrate an open-mindedness.
  • Be attentive and respectful to the values and needs of the client.
  • Enhance the services the organization provides to the population.
  • In all circumstances, any form of intimidation, physical, psychological or verbal violence will not be tolerated on the part of anyone.