A new year; a new website!

Welcome to the future!

CAB Interaction has had a great year with lots of success. After a period of adjustment with new administration, we have established a solid foundation and are moving forward with confidence!

For example, the launch of our new website allows us to be highly visible and, above all, to communicate more effectively with our customers, our volunteers, the public and the organizations that will visit our site. We can share our stories with, and from, the communities we serve.

Over the past year, we have re-launched or created new services and activities that have been very well received: Community dinners, tax clinic, we successfully completed our project “Life in security in rural areas” and launched our Food Bank in September 2016.

In a desire to improve our communication with the community and expand our reach, we are also striving to be more active on Facebook. We will update our website regularily to provide information about new services and activities.

Stay tuned for more news!