New Service at CAB Interaction!

We are proud to officially announce our new service: Friendship Service Plus.

This service is designed for seniors, who are isolated and vulnerable in our territory (Clarenceville, Noyan and the North point of Henryville).

Following a survey that was conducted in the area, a growing concern among seniors is the ability to live at home as long as possible. As a result, CAB Interaction has made it our priority to address this issue head on.

What is Friendship Service Plus?

It is a presence; a friendly follow-up done by a volunteer and supervised by the program manager, Mrs. Johanne Gravel. Because the needs of each individual differ, the service is adaptable to each person, and situation. For some, a weekly phone call is enough. For others, a few hours of company, or going for a walk can make all the difference.

Frienship Service Plus does not seek to replace or compete with existing services already available that provide medical assistance or housecleaning. Instead the service is designed to fill the gap between the types of services that are offered and the needs of our seniors.

The success of this new service depends entirely on the involvement of volunteers, whose mileage and expenses will be reimbursed.

To serve our seniors, we need the cooperation of the municipalities, neighbours, and their families. We don’t want to wait until it is too late to be able to help someone in need. Please be mindful, and if you have a concern about a senior who is lonely, contact us, in confidence; we will follow-up. Friendship Service Plus allows you to know that someone in the area keeps contact with this senior. To all, let us know, you are our best publicity.